Essentials of SEO Webinar Series

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In December I had the satisfaction of providing a 4 day webinar series to the iThemes community. My pal Cory Miller, founder of iThemes, had welcomed me to carry out the Fundamentals of SEO webinar series for his very loyal community of end users and WordPress designers. We had a fantastic week and each session had in between 400-700 participants.
I ‘d like to share this series with our own readers and permit you to see the content presented in addition to the follow up Q&A we did at the end of each session.
We don’t discuss SEO charges or fast repair SEO tactics. Instead we focus on constructing a structure of SEO best practices and using this to much better position your website for search engines.

Make SEO Your New Year’s Resolution!
It’s a new year and there is no much better time to obtain your SEO in order. If you ‘d like assist with this effort, we do offer SEO consulting engagements as well as one-on-one SEO training. Simply reach out and let us know how we can assist.

SEO Week: Four Part SEO Webinar Series

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I can 100 % inform you that everybody struggles with seo. I’ve dealt with SEO for well over a decade, so I know this is pure fact. If somebody tells you otherwise, they’re fooling themselves.
There’s so much details available on SEO that it is difficult to understand who to listen to and exactly what to believe.
Google and Bing provide excellent details on the topic, but this is cluttered with countless blog posts, white documents, and courses that may or might not supply trustworthy and precise information.
I ‘d like to stop the SEO chaos! And I’m partnering with my good friend Cory Miller to make that happen.
If you have actually ever used Backup Buddy, Sync, Exchange, or iThemes Security, you know my friend Cory. He is the founder of iThemes, an early leader in the WordPress community, and just a total hero.
True Confession– My very first theme purchase was made from iThemes. I see it in my iThemes account and I cannot assist however laugh. I would never ever have actually reflected then that I ‘d be carrying out a SEO webinar series with the style creator today..
The Upcoming SEO Webinar Series.
Our Basics of SEO webinar series will assist you see through the clutter of limitless (and sometimes very misdirected) SEO pointers and tricks. We’ll discuss exactly what really matters in today’s world of SEO.
We won’t speak about algorithms or charges. Instead we’re returning to essentials so that we can assist lay the foundation of proper SEO methods and best practices.
Our webinar series will be separated into four parts so you can participate in all the sessions or just the ones that actually matter to you.
Avoid Typical SEO Mistakes and ChallengesOverview: This webinar will review the most common SEO mistakes made by brand-new and knowledgeable website owners. We’ll determine the greatest errors and we’ll provide advice on preventing them moving forward.Intended Audience: Site Owners, WordPress DevelopersMonday, December 14, 2015 1:00 PM– 2:00 PM CST.
Free SEO Tools and Ways to Utilize ThemOverview: This webinar will review the best free SEO tools made use of by the pros for SEO planning, on-page execution, and reporting.Intended Audience: Website Owners, WordPress DevelopersTuesday, December 15, 2015 1:00 PM– 2:00 PM CST.
Driving Success With an SEO Plan, Research, and FocusOverview: This webinar will supply an actionable plan for setting the foundation of SEO finest practices. We’ll walk through the four vital steps needed in correct SEO planning.Intended Audience: Website Owners, WordPress DevelopersWednesday, December 16, 2015 1:00 PM– 2:00 PM CST.
Weaving SEO into Your WordPress Service OfferingOverview: This webinar will provide valuable insight for including SEO into your current WordPress service offering. The session will go over the pros and cons of adding fundamental SEO into your services, while likewise supplying some guidance on exactly what to prevent along the way.Intended Audience: WordPress DevelopersThursday, December 17, 2015 1:00 PM– 2:00 PM CST.
Register for SEO Week and Grab Your Area.
You do not need to be an iThemes customer, WordPress designer, or perhaps an existing Web Wise client to participate in this occasion. Just head on over to the iTheme site and register for the event.
Things to remember:.
The webinar is designed for website owners and WordPress developers.
The SEO webinar series is completely totally free and open to anybody who had actually want to go to.
You only have to register as soon as to access to all 4 webinars.
If you cannot make the live webinars, you can still go on and sign up and the iThemes team will let you understand when the webinar replays are ready.
Ready to boost your SEO understanding?

My Epic SEO Fail

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10 years ago I had an epic SEO fail. I’m not describing a little mistake that I was humiliated to discuss. I indicate a complete on impressive failure that need to have cost me my task and reputation.
Today I was advised of this enormous error while I was sitting in church. Pastor Chris’s preaching was on handling failure. He began his message by discussing his legendary failure and in turn he asked the parish how many people remember our impressive failure.
My mind instantly went back ten years to the day I made the greatest business error of my life. It was a day I will not forget. I wish to, but I won’t because it gave me an important SEO lesson I’ve continued with me.
In the early 2000s I was teaching myself SEO. I was head of marketing for a business software business and our company desperately needed to improve our search engine ranking. We couldn’t afford pay per click advertising nor might we designate cash towards an outside SEO expert.
I knew SEO was of value and I might see it was the future of internet marketing, so I made a strategy to teach myself SEO.
There were not a great deal of locations to learn SEO at that time. I do not recall any books, onsite classes, remote knowing courses, or even tutorials. I remember discovering some good blog sites and forums where I might learn the fundamentals, so this is exactly what I utilized.
I invested lots of days and nights crafting my skill by applying exactly what I had discovered SEO to our site. I ‘d attempt something, make note of my actions, and then determine the outcomes. I ‘d learn something new, then use it to my existing arsenal of SEO strategies. This went on for months and months. And I was making progress.
I discovered a lot back then. A lot so, that I was beginning to outrank my larger competitors. I was thrilled that I was finally seeing outcomes for my 60 hour work weeks.
And after that I got arrogant and that is when everything around me feel apart.
I began doing things that I read would improve ranking quicker, drive more traffic, and outsmart the competitors. I attempted them. Not a lot, but some. It didn’t take much to see the errors in my methods.
The result was catastrophe. I was removed from Google. Well not me, but my business site. The whole thing.
At that time there were not manual penalties and warning notice like there are today. If Google caught you cheating the system they simply eliminated you. Completely. The home page, every interior page, and anything else on your domain.
I went from being the queen of SEO to virtually getting fired.
I am shocked I was not fired. After all, I had actually simply derailed our online marketing efforts and I eliminated our main lead source. I tanked our sales and guy did I feel awful.
Fortunately my employer had compassion for me and my family. He knew I slipped up. Granted it was an impressive SEO failure, but this came in an effort to do great for the business. I had no formal training and for all aspects I was winging it.
In all sincerity, I might not even determine what I had done that compelled the elimination by Google. I knew there were a couple of things I had attempted, however I had not been sure which got me busted.
I went through the formal process of calling Google and I explained the circumstance. I merely stated I was a marketer who was trying to learn SEO and I had actually clearly made some mistakes. I said wasn’t exactly sure exactly what was the concern, however I explained that I had eliminated anything I believed might be an issue and I pledge to do much better moving on. I described my objectives were excellent, but I had actually plainly been led astray by an article or forum comment that was less than trustworthy.
Google eliminated my charge and put my URL back into the index. But this took some time and truthfully it was a lot more time then the business might afford.
While we awaited my pleading with Google to work, we produced a new URL and I began developing that website with natural SEO. Page by page and one keyword at a time. It hurt and a lot of work. But ultimately we rebounded to page one and I once again was the queen of SEO.
This time around the queen was not so arrogant. I played by the guidelines and I have actually aimed to do so every day because.
I follow SEO best practices and I never ever even think about anything blank hat.
Given that my SEO mess a years ago I have actually made certain I did the right thing and not the easy thing. And guess exactly what? My SEO is much better for it and so are my customers.
As I sat in church today I kept in mind the sensation I had the day Google removed us from the index. I remembered the regret I had for trying things that were grey hat practices. And I was appreciative for this experience due to the fact that it taught me the value of best practices.
SEO is a different world today. Today’s online marketer has it a lot much better off then I did, due to the fact that there is a great deal of quality education offered.
State what you desire about Google and Bing, however they do attempt and assist you do the best thing. They release SEO best practices and they attempt and inform web designers so they do not have the very same SEO failures that I stumbled into a decade back.
You might be asking yourself how you can prevent the impressive failure I experienced. I can give you one basic manner in which I’ve made use of for over a decade.
To protect yourself from stumbling into your very own epic SEO fail, merely ask yourself one concern:.

Does “it” provide a favorable experience for the website visitor from the time they look for a keyword through the time they visit your site and read or view your content?

I do not care what “it” is. It can be essentially anything you do online. The question and response still use.
If you can honestly say your actions will enhance the user experience, then you’re most likely doing the ideal thing.
If you say no and even take a second of doubt to think, you’re doing the incorrect thing and you’re headed down the path of SEO failure.
If your SEO practice at all deteriorates the user experience, then you need to not do it. Duration.
And truthfully, it is as basic as that.
Google and Bing want their searchers to be pleased. Happiness comes by providing strong search results page that match their search terms and that link to high quality material that is both current and appropriate.
Provide a favorable user experience and you will be far better off than those who pursue short-term increases to traffic.
Just state no to the promise of high traffic for little effort. SEO does not work like that so it won’t produce anything that is sustainable.
And remember, SEO is a journey and not a race.
It’s a long-lasting financial investment that pays huge dividends when done effectively, however it does not come over night and without some sweat equity.
The next time you check out a blog post or see an ad guaranteeing you overnight success for little cash and effort, remember me and my epic SEO fail. And know you’ll be headed down that same course if you choose to take the path of easy SEO.
Google offers education and openness, but it has little tolerance for cheaters, con artists, and black hat SEO methods.
Quick and simple traffic boosts will just work for a really short time. And after that you’ll be entrusted an impressive SEO fail that could haunt you a decade later on.

Content Marketing vs. SEO

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The subject of material marketing vs. SEO baffles me and truthfully it has constantly confused me. I thought this conversation had been attended to and marketers understood it was no battle at all, but last week I recognized it is still alive and well.
I was on a sales call and the marketer I was speaking with stated she didn’t believe in SEO She stated she thinks you just need to concentrate on material marketing and you’ll be great. I’m paraphrasing, however that summarize the remarks.
The SEO consultant in me felt a knife gab into my heart and twist in a million various directions.
The Fact of Content Marketing and SEO.
Content marketing and SEO do not compete with each other. Instead they are 2 parts of a more holistic marketing strategy. Material marketing and SEO link within this plan to drive success.
You can not have strong SEO without having some form of material marketing. And while you can compose and publish material on the web, for you to be truly effective at content marketing you have to using SEO.
There must not be a content marketing vs. SEO discussion. Instead the concern should focus on how one can best combine the two kinds of marketing methods into one successful marketing program.
A Deeper Look into Content Marketing
Content marketing is the process of creating focused and engaging content. This material is generated with purpose and it is concentrated on serving a specific target market. A strong content marketing plan will include method, material development, and promotion all focused on targeting prospective clients at their numerous stages of the purchasing cycle. In bigger, more complex purchasing cycles this can include targeting several purchaser personas all at once.
Goals of Material Marketing
Brand awareness for an individual or company
Lead generation and conversions
Prospect nurturing
Revenue generation
Components of Content Marketing
Specify objectives
Determine the target audience and buyer personalities
Document the prospect’s buying cycle
Develop a method and plan
Create compelling and useful content
Promote content
Define metrics and testimonial available reporting
Material marketing concentrates on the target audience, their requirements, and the objective of building engagement.
A Much deeper Look into SEO.
SEO is an acronym for “seo.” Websites are constantly competing for page one positioning in the search engine results page. Practicing the very best practices of SEO will assist a site owner better position themselves in these search engine result and enhance their visibility on the web. This increase in exposure will then drive more traffic to their website.
SEO includes a huge list of checks and balances that are comprised of little adjustments to process, content, code, and design. When performed separately, these modifications might have a little and immaterial influence on search rankings. When combined together in a formal process, these modifications will have have a big effect on a page or post’s positioning in organic search results.
The higher the page or post ranks in search results page, the greater the amount of traffic will flow to the site.
Objectives of SEO.
Discover the proper keywords that relate to an offered target marketing or audience.
Improve ranking of certain keywords in search engines.
Drive visitor traffic to a site.
Create income.
Parts of SEO.
Carry out keyword research study and define focused keywords.
Develop a proper site structure by mapping focused keywords to material.
Create engaging and helpful material.
Optimization content for on-page SEO elements.
Promote content through social media.
Build internal connect to concentrated content.
SEO focuses on keywords, build presence in search, and driving higher website traffic.
So Who Wins the Material Marketing vs. SEO Battle?
Nobody, because there is no fight. These 2 marketing tactics go together like peanut butter and jelly.
You can not have strong SEO without the production of killer material. And you can not reach the largest audience for your material marketing efforts if you do not have strong SEO in location.
A good online marketer takes a look at the value of making use of both material marketing and SEO and utilizing the 2 methods to enhance the total success rate of web marketing efforts.
The larger concern is the best ways to finest gotten rid of the difficulties today’s marketers deal with. Let’s take a look at three interesting stats:.
88 % of B2B marketers make use of content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute).
Just 30 % of B2B online marketers feel their organization is effective at content marketing. (Content Marketing Institute).
Browse is the # 1 driver of site traffic. (Outbrain).
If you ask my opinion, a main factor organizations are not certain about the efficiency of content marketing is since they are forgetting to weave solid SEO into their material marketing efforts.
The more you can neglect the facility of content marketing vs. SEO and the more you link the two, the more successful your marketing will become.

New License and Prices Policy for Stock WordPress Themes

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It’s tough to think a lot time has past and our little theme shop has actually grown into the size it has. I did not prepare for the appeal or sales growth that has actually occurred these last couple of years.
Just like the remainder of the WordPress community, we have actually been forced to review our existing sales model and our capability to offer long-term, high quality assistance for style buyers.
In an effort to protect our existing level of support, we are migrating from a lifetime style license to a yearly membership based model.
New License and Rates Policy
For each license you buy, you will be able to download your product, acquire software application updates, and receive online forum based assistance for one year.
After the initial year has actually passed, you will need to renew your license in order to get theme updates and continue your online forum access.
You will not be immediately restored each year.
You will be sent a billing and you will choose if restoring corrects for you at the time your annual membership ends.
New pricing has actually been developed for the themes.
Our earlier themes are priced at $59.95 while newer styles are priced at $79.95.
The brand-new licensing policy enters into result today.
Existing Customers are Safeguarded
Any purchase made before today will have the original pricing and licensing structure protected.
If you initially bought among our styles at the lifetime license, you will remain to have access to the support online forum and receive updates without no additional costs.
Designer Pro Pack is Still Offered
The designer license, which grants access to all themes, is still readily available. This is a lifetime license to all themes for $399. As in the past, this license option is only supplied to understood designers and existing purchasers. Please use our contact kind and make inquiries if you are interested in purchasing this product.
Thank You!
A huge thank you to everybody who has bought styles in the past. You have actually shared your creations with us, said thank you, and have actually even functioned as our brand ambassadors through social networks and individually referrals.
I can not start to state a huge adequate thank you for your kind words and creations.

Do not Await Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Grab Your Savings Today!

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Rebecca is founder and president of Web Savvy Marketing. She has as a well-rounded company background within SMB and business organizations, as well as over fifteen years of experience in sales and online marketing. She supplies individually training, teaches group on-site bootcamp, is a WordCamp organizer, and speaks at numerous WordCamps throughout the nation. Learn more about Rebecca or set up a coaching session on Get in touch with Rebecca at LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Improving WordPress Multisite SEO

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A couple of weeks ago I had someone tweet me while I was at WordCamp Ann Arbor. The gentleman wished to chat about WordPress multisite SEO and was hoping I was still at the place so I might answer some questions he had about his university site. Today another gentlemen messaged me on Quora asking the very same concerns.
It appears WordPress users are fearful of multisite and the ramifications it has on SEO Worry not my buddies!
WordPress multisite SEO isn’t that various then regular WordPress SEO. It simply needs a few more factors to consider.
Let’s Start With a Reality Look at Using WordPress Multisite for SEO.
There are many factors for using a multisite environment in WordPress, nevertheless SEO ought to not be among them.
The old-fashioned idea of developing a link network to pass “link juice” from one website to another is a distant memory and it will do more damage then excellent. I hated years back and I dislike it even more today. This kind of established would function as a link farm or link scam, which will rapidly put you into a charge with Google. It is not acceptable in the eyes of the online search engine, so you must avoid that practice at all expenses.
That said, there are advantages for using WordPress multisite and if those apply to you, do not let SEO issues stop you from utilizing it.
Why Make use of WordPress Multisite?
Quickly set up and handle several websites within one single WordPress installation
Share users throughout numerous sites
Separate and segregated sites from users, while still enabling extremely admins to access all sites
Share WordPress styles and plugins across multiple sites
Rolled out software application updates across numerous websites at the same time
Deploy style customizations and tweaks rapidly across numerous website installations
Who Take advantage of Making use of a Multisite Network in WordPress?
When Not to Make use of a Multisite Network in WordPress
You’re aiming to video game the Google ranking system by creating a link farm.
The users of specific sites have to have the ability to install their own plugins.
The users of individual websites need to have the capability to install iFrame code.
You have little internal technical staff and/or restricted understanding of DNS.
The only factor for doing so is to upgrade WordPress and plugins several throughout websites simultaneously. Today you can make use of cool devices like iThemes Sync Pro to manage this process, so multisite isn’t a demand.
The Key to Effective WordPress Multisite SEO Execution
Have one specific in charge to manage SEO throughout the sites. 10 years ago I easily beat Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP in ranking and I believe the main factor was they had no oversight of their SEO activity. They had great deals of people working, but no strategic strategy for execution and monitoring.
Perform keyword research study and sitemap planning as a combined effort across all sites. This will prevent you from developing competing pages and posts.
Regularly evaluate all websites making sure they are not competing with each other for the very same keyword expressions.
Make sure each website has it’s own set of distinct material. This may seem standard, however I have actually had customers who have tried to copy material throughout sites in an effort to fill pages. This doesn’t work for organic SEO efforts.
Monitor website material across the network to verify it is of drug and not “thin” content placed on a page to fill space.
Inform site managers and content authors on the very best practices of SEO so they are empowered to manage their specific website correctly.
Don’t let specific website owners work with outside SEO experts unless they’ve been completely vetted by the person in charge of SEO efforts.
Make certain your XML sitemaps are populated and functioning across all sites.
Ensures each website owner has an active Google Browse Console account and utilizes it to send their XML sitemap.
If you are a place based multisite, encourage specific website owners to develop Google My Business listings. Use keywords within these listings and link back to the specific websites.
Utilize a regional directory site service like Yext or Moz Resident to get all regional listings populated with precise place information and inbound hyperlinks to the individual sites.
Multisite should not be feared. In truth, a WordPress multisite network is very much like that of a business level site.
The secret is to make sure you are using a multisite network for the ideal reasons.
If it remains in reality the best setup, then simply follow my list above and your WordPress multisite SEO will be simply as effective (or more efficient) than a regular WordPress setup.
Required a quality SEO consultant to help manage your multisite setup or enterprise website? Just let us know how we can be of service.

Are You Missing the SEO Essentials for WordPress? Let Me Inform You Why Your Website is Underperforming

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Many users feel their site is underperforming and they wonder if they’re missing out on the SEO basics for WordPress. After working with great deals of WordPress site owners, I can confirm they are indeed missing the fundamentals!
These users believed WordPress was expected to be incredibly SEO friendly and they believed they would add an SEO plugin and rank on page one. Yet their sites or blogs don’t rank well in online search engine and they can’t determine why.
This is particularly real if that little dot in the Yoast SEO plugin turns green. If they received the green dot shouldn’t Google enjoy them and shouldn’t their material appear on page one?
Nope. The tough fact of SEO is that it isn’t that simple. Mastering the SEO fundamentals for WordPress takes some time, education, and effort.
That little green dot can quickly take you down a path of confusion, a false sense of security, and website that never ranks well in Google or Bing. This a typical problem and one I run into weekly with my SEO clients.
Here’s the intriguing thing– the SEO issues are not because of WordPress or even Yoast’s plugin. These concerns exist due to the fact that the users simply do not have knowledge of fundamental SEO finest practices.
Let’s look at four really typical problems with entry of SEO in WordPress.
4 SEO Basics for WordPress You Need to Repair
# 1– Concentrated Keyword is Generic
The other day I was taking a look at a WordPress site and the customer used the phrase “post-mortem” as their concentrated keyword for SEO. This customer is an innovation business and as such, post-mortem might not be the best word choice. I told the client that they had to take a step back and consider how this keyword associates with real life and their actual visitor.
Post-mortem could be referencing a CSI episode or a mix of other, extremely diverse industries. It could be speaking about death, my daughter’s failed examination, or anything really. It didn’t resemble discussing their subject.
In truth, the phrase has definitely nothing to do with the company, their item offering, or their market. It would not rank in search, because it was unfocused and it was generic.
A focused keywords should be just that– focused. It needs to closely relate to the site visitor’s issues and the solution the site supplies. It needs to speak to the target market.
The more exact the author is with keyword choice, the easier it will be to rank in online search engine.
# 2– Branded Terms are Set as Focused Keywords
You do not have to enhance content for your business name, product names, or service names. The factor for this is Google and Bing already understand who you are and exactly what you sell. Why? Due to the fact that you are special and this individuality will currently translate into search engine result.
Enhancing for top quality keyword expressions is a waste of your time and effort.
As a guideline we do not enhance for branded expressions. When I send out a client a keyword list, they will not find any branded terms within it.
Instead of concentrating product and service pages on your terminology (aka product names), these pages must be concentrated on and optimized for expressions people search for before they understand your product and services exists.
Keep in mind that country tune that goes “I wish to discuss me, I wish to speak about I”, well think of that when you are picking keywords.
Consider exactly what phrases the average user would look for before they knew you or your item existed. Compose material for these phrases because that is exactly what real life users make use of in search.
# 3– Focused Phrase Does Not Appear in the Actual Content
This one occurs all the time and it eliminates me, because no matter how smart the customer is, they usual fall under this trap.
The content author designates a keyword phrase, defines the meta title and description to include the expression, then entirely forgets to use this phrase in the actual page or post copy.
If your material doesn’t use the expression you have actually set as your focused keyword, you are never ever going to rank for it. Google and Bing will not (like will never ever no matter what) rank a page for a keyword phrase that isn’t really used within copy.
The point of a focused keyword phrase is to focus you on that keyword, thus providing a great location for that keyword in search. If the material doesn’t use the keyword, then the online search engine will consider the content as not worthy and they’ll simply ignore it.
# 4– Duplicate Concentrated Keywords
I will admit I catch myself doing this from time to time and it happens because the larger your website or blog grows, the easier it is making this typical error.
As your site integrateds material, so does your list of focused keywords. Pages, posts, items, categories, and tags can all have keyword focus and they can all begin taking on each other.
Making use of a concentrated keyword on multiple pages, posts, items, categories, or tags within one site confuses the search engines and site visitors.
The goal of a concentrated keyword is to set focus for a singular piece of content. It is to offer a one to one relationship between keyword and material.
If you make use of the exact same expression as a concentrated keyword on more then one piece of content, the search engines have no idea which piece of material is the proper one for a provided phrase. You require them to pick and you wind up competing versus yourself in ranking.
A focused keyword expression must only be used when. This enables the search engines to know exactly what the best singular piece of material is for a provided phrase.
But guess exactly what takes place? We forget and we use the same phrase over once more and we clutter our purpose and we degrade our search results page.
Simply don’t do it! And if you captured yourself doing it, repair it.
Are You Struggling With SEO in WordPress?
If you’ve checked out my list of typical WordPress SEO problems and you realize you’re missing the SEO basics for WordPress, understand there is aid available.
We have a support group for bad use of SEO in WordPress. No I’m joking, we do not. However you can still get assistance.
Exactly what I do offer is WordPress SEO training and individually SEO training. I’m here to assist if you require it. Simply request an hour of my time and I’ll help get you back on track.

Have You Become aware of Liquid Web WordPress Hosting? I wish to Present You

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I just recently had the satisfaction of finding out more about Liquid Web WordPress hosting and I need to say, I’m so pleased with the company, that I felt obliged to share it with our readers.
I don’t get excited about hosting extremely commonly, but the folks at Liquid Web have peaked my interest and I do believe they should be on your radar too.
Let Me Introduce You to My New Buddies and Give You the Backstory on How We Met
Liquid Web has an information center in Lansing, Michigan, which is just about an hour far from me. I had actually heard of the business due to their physical distance to me, however actually didn’t think much about them beyond that they had a Michigan presence.
This year I encountered the company while dealing with a WordPress development project with a client named David. David is extremely clever man and he has actually been hosting his highly successful website with Liquid Web for rather some time now. He had favorable things to state about them and our coding group has had absolutely nothing however positive feedback for their support while we have actually been working on David’s website.
A couple of weeks ago a member of the Liquid Web team connected to me through LinkedIn and we followed that up with a telephone call. After an hour-long chat I might tell this business would benefit our WordPress community, so I made a mental note to examine them further.
This last weekend I had the opportunity to invest some individually time with a couple of members of their team at WordCamp Ann Arbor.
That they came to WordCamp isn’t exciting. It’s what took place next that matters.
Liquid Web didn’t simply sponsor the occasion, their workers and management team were active participants. To me this goes farther than any marketing pamphlet, tweet, discount coupon, or news release they might provide.
Liquid Web’s staff not only personally welcomed me, we had fantastic conversations, and they were sitting at the front of the space when it was time to offer my WordCamp discussion.
This was significant to me. This firm stated they desired to “do excellent” for WordPress users and our neighborhood of designers but their actions this last weekend clearly showed this to me.
It showed me they were invested financially and emotionally in our WordPress community. And it puts them high on my list of appreciated WordPress hosts since I understand this type of effort can just bring goodness to my clients and my follow WordPress developers.
To state Liquid Web made a good impression with me would be a great understatement.
Great deals of hosting business sponsor WordCamps, but few really physically show up and emotionally engage with the neighborhood. It’s that type of commitment that sets you apart from others and helps you develop yourself as a dominant force within WordPress.
If you know the WordPress neighborhood well you know we are just that, a community. Making an impact and to effectively offer product and services within it requires active involvement that exceeds the writing of a check.
I can see great things for Liquid Web and their efforts with WordPress, which is why I wished to share this info and my experience with you. I’m hoping my individual experiences assist you choose if Liquid Web WordPress hosting deserves your examination.
Some Quick Stats on Liquid Web
Established in 1997
Independently held company
US based with data centers situated in Michigan and Arizona
Over 30,000 customers in 150 nations
More than 50 % of their clients are running WordPress
They offer a 59 2nd phone and live chat preliminary response time assurance
Their level 3 assistance team is readily available 24/7/365 by means of email, live chat or telephone
Customer list consists of business level clients like the United Nations, General Motors, and Motorola
Some Highlights of Their Managed WordPress Hosting
Liquid Web’s handled hosting environment is specifically created for installing and running WordPress. Here are some highlights of their providing:
One click install
Automated backups
Automated updates
Email hosting and management
HIPAA certified hosting
While more expensive WordPress hosting companies will provide one click installs and backups, few offer migration support, e-mail management, and assistance for compliance.
And let’s be truthful here, couple of WordPress hosting business are going to have the ability to guarantee 59 second phone and live chat response times.
Liquid Web Customer Feedback
I know my experiences will not fully win you over, however some good old fashion user feedback need to suffice. Social evidence is essential so I believed I ‘d troll around the web to see what I could discover from their existing user base.
Here is a tasting of independent Liquid Web reviews I found around the web:

The decision to move to Liquid Web is one of the very best I made. I have actually been with them for over a year now. There has actually been no downtime and the assistance is brilliant (nearly heroic). Benjamin Cohen

LiquidWeb rocks. The culture of this business is exactly what makes you remain. It’s a relationship of trust. They are constantly GOING TO help you out and will move you to a more senior tech. That they never ever make you seem like your question or problem is trivial and have the ability to provide best shot assistance for things that are not even their issue is definitely exceptional. No other web hosting company is as nice. Peter Fenwick

After a huge amount of scientific I opted to offer Liquid web a try and established a VPS with them about a month ago. To date the service has actually been extraordinary in regards to the performance offer and the assistance is just out of this world, once or twice I waited perhaps a little bit longer than a minute to obtain a support person on the other side however usually they are there within seconds! Sean O’Byrne

I’ve been with Liquid Web for a little over a year now and would not dream of switching to another business. I have 80+ sites hosted and there have actually been no serious blackouts that I can mention. Liquid Web assistance is the BEST I have actually EVER SEEN. They fast to react and head out of their way to make sure all my concerns, issues or problems are looked after quickly and efficiently. I look forward to remain to grow with Liquid Web for several years to come. John Young

I found much more reviews, but I believe the few I got hold of clearly show a United States based hosting company that is 100 % concentrated on producing phenomenal technical support that goes above and beyond that of typical WordPress hosting.
Keep an Eye on Liquid Web WordPress Hosting
My discussions this weekend have shown me we have a brand-new host in town. They’re concentrated on making a distinction in the WordPress neighborhood and I think they will do simply that.
If you’re thinking about changing your existing WordPress host, I ‘d extremely suggest you consider Liquid Web as your future home.
Pop on over to their site and have a look around. Do not let the technical speak scare you. Simply let them know you’re interested in managed WordPress hosting and that their brand-new pals at Web Savvy Marketing sent you on over.
Once you do, come on back and let me know how the change went. I’ve love to hear your feedback and hear more about their incredible WordPress support.

One Hour of WordPress SEO Training Can Produce Huge Results

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One hour of WordPress SEO training can have a significant influence on your site or blog site. If you can allocate sixty minutes, I assure I’ll alter the way you consider SEO and how it applies to your WordPress site or blog site.
I have actually been informing people on WordPress SEO for over 6 years, so I see the effect quality training can have on a website owner. It’s impactful since it’s individually training that is extremely tailored and it exists using your content and your existing SEO efforts and activity.
You might question if one hour can really make an effect, however it can. The reason is the hour is devoted to you and your website or blog site. It isn’t generic SEO training that might or may not use to your existing activity. Instead it is professional SEO education that is completely focused on you, your offering, target market, and market.
Instead of offering you generic finest practices, an hour with me will offer you particular advice and education that will help you learn WordPress SEO in a way that you can relate to your real-world activity.
That’s the different and the secret sauce for making simply one hour of WordPress SEO training so significant.
Ask Yourself These Questions
Do you seem like there is so much details on SEO that you don’t know exactly what is relevant?
Do you feel like every WordPress designer calls himself an SEO expert and you don’t know who to rely on?
Have you set up a WordPress SEO plugin, however have no idea how to utilize it?
Do Penguin and Panda make you wish to run and hide?
Are you tired of chasing after links and considering “link juice” and how that so called juice assists your website or blog?
Have you installed Google Analytics, but forgotten to take a look at it?
Have you registered for Google Search Console (officially Webmaster Tools) and been entirely puzzled by the data provided?
Do you understand what keywords relate to your service or product, but you have no idea ways to apply it to your site?
Are you blogging and blogging and making no actual effect on your traffic?
If any of these concerns refer to your existing state, then an hour of SEO training can help. I’ll describe what works, exactly what doesn’t work, and what you need to keep away from.
A Different Technique to WordPress SEO Training
Lots and great deals of SEO consultants want to “do” the SEO for you and have you pay regular monthly for this activity. That is not my objective. While I can carry out month-to-month SEO jobs, I ‘d much rather educate you.
I want to supply WordPress SEO training so that you are empowered to perform your own optimization, however do so in the manner in which will generate real traffic and that keep you charge complimentary.
We won’t be discussing off-site link building. I promise. And if you bring up “link juice” in our call, I will break down and cry.
Instead of chasing after off-site links, we’ll discuss what you’re currently doing ideal and exactly what you’re currently doing actually incorrect. We’ll concentrate on exactly what actually matters in today’s world of SEO, content marketing, and social networks.
Once we stroll through the list of problems, we’ll create a actionable list of tasks you can deal with to remedy your WordPress SEO and make your website luster.
How Can Anyone Cover So Much SEO Training in an Hour?
It’s due to the fact that I’m going to do my homework and examine your site or blog prior to our call. I’ll even peak inside your WordPress admin panel if you let me.
In doing this, I’ll create a list of the issues we have to discuss which will permit me to devote our whole coaching hour to educating you on properly to optimize your WordPress SEO.
We can cover a great deal of ground in an hour. And I always leave room at the end of the call for an open Q and A session, so come prepared with questions.
Prepared to Arrange Your Training Session?
Hosting a WordPress SEO training call is among my favorite parts of the work day. I love it since my clients leave pleased. They feel in control, educated, and empowered to do something about it.
I’ve assisted a lot of people from entrepreneur and bloggers to other WordPress companies and designers. I enjoy to help whoever requires it, as long as the individual includes an open mind and a willingness to learn.