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Loose Diamonds

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MID House of Diamonds is among the world’s biggest and most reputable makers and distributors of polished diamonds and loose diamonds. We have actually been offering to leading merchants around the globe for the previous 50 years as well as though we are amongst the leading ten diamond makers MJ Christensen loose diamonds in the world in size, we still run our family service according to our starting concepts of shared regard, quality and dedicated service. Our huge size and resources allow us to offer the largest retailers with inventory that meets their requirements.

MID just purchases loose diamonds that are conflict-free” and strives to bar dispute diamonds – diamonds mined in a war zone and offered to finance violence – from its stock. Our clients can rest assured that when they purchase an MID diamond, it was mined and procured from genuine sources. All MID diamonds have a KP (Kimberley Process) certificate, which implies that they have been purchased from ethical sources not associated with financing dispute. In other words, all MID diamonds are accredited as conflict-free.

We have a BIG CHOICE of qualified wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas, that include GIA, AGS, and EGL U.S.A certification. We bring all shapes of wholesale loose diamonds including round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, glowing cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds and many more elegant formed diamonds. We carry all quality and types of diamonds consisting of white diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds, black diamonds, and chocolate diamonds. We pride ourselves in providing wholesale diamonds and wholesale engagement rings in Dallas.

First, a diamond’s shape (round, cushion, pear) describes the diamond as seen from above. And while there is a history behind each shape and how it became, a certain affinity to these various kinds is just a matter of personal taste. Before you begin your look for your ideal loose diamond you will have to decide what shape you would like.

Now that you know a little about what kind of loose diamond you have an interest in, it’s time to take a look at the diamond prices. In the wholesale diamond industry, diamond prices work a bit differently than what you may have seen before in retail diamond stores. They are divided into various classifications based on carat weight – more on that later.

Buying loose diamonds wholesale enables customers like you to save about 30 to 40 percent. You never need to acquire loose diamonds at the dominating retail rates again. However, you will understand before negotiating if your diamond has any faults, what the clarity and color is, and exactly what the advised list price for that specific cut and carat diamond piece.